viernes, mayo 26, 2006

ATI me sorprende

Leo en el Feed de los drivers de ATI:

NEW PRODUCT SUPPORT: FireGL V3300/V3400/V5200/V7200/V7300/V7350
NEW FEATURES: (1) Xorg 7.0 Support for Installer (2) Display Power Management Signaling Support Enabled By Default
ISSUES RESOLVED: (1) Running two X servers simultaneously no longer results in the system failing to respond (2) X Server no longer fails to load when using an ATI Radeon® X1x00, 512MB product with certain motherboards. (3) Toggling between console mode and X Server graphical mode no longer results in a system hang. (4) Various aticonfig changes and fixes (5) User page lock is no longer available for AGP products (6) The software driver now supports Linux kernels that have NUMA support enabled on x86_64 machines.

Resuleven varios problemas importantes, aunque no es el performance :D,
como eran los cuelgues en el switchig de las consolas a las X, o rearrancando el gestor de escritorio, que ocurren de manera semialeatoria con los drivers actuales.

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